Stephanie Seymour releases single ‘There Was A Time’

Stephanie Seymour has released her single ‘There Was A Time’ infusing the sound of alt-rock and indie-rock to create this really catchy and uplifting track. As soon as it begins, you’re immersed in this really cheerful sound that Stephanie herself pushes through. Constantly letting this high energy push through into this energetic track, that constantly has this ability to boost your mood as soon as you hit play.

Gripping you in straight away, it’s such an easy to listen to piece and one you certainly feel yourself going back to. It has an array of reasons to adore this track, from the insane vocal aspects from Stephanie herself. Each element that pushes through, creates this really fantastic track and one that many will want to delve into. Stephanie sure knows how to create a track that many will want to listen to on repeat.

It is one of those, you definitely feel yourself going back to, it’s such a mesmerising piece to listen to and you can really delve into the many styles of sound that come through. From the brilliant vocal aspects to the overall catchy melody that seeps through, it creates this really insane track, that has many reasons to stand out. It’s one of those tracks, you can put on and instantly feel good as you listen to it.

From the moment this track starts, you’re hooked on the sound that begins to come through. Pushing through these lively melodies and stunning vocal aspects. Having this real mood-boosting essence surrounding this piece, constantly making you feel good as you listen, with the way it has such an infectious essence that surrounds it. Definitely, something to check out, if this is your kind of music for sure.

‘There Was A Time’ is one of those tracks, you definitely won’t want to miss out on, grabbing your attention instantly within the first few seconds, making you want to keep listening on. It’s such an outstanding piece of music and one of those that let the talent that Stephanie portrays come through in the best way. Constantly giving you reasons to love the track, definitely check this one out if you haven’t already!

Check out Stephanie Seymour’s single ‘There Was A Time’ over on Spotify.

Make sure to keep up to date with Stephanie Seymour over on Facebook and Instagram.


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