Sugar Relics releases single ‘Can’t Stay Awake’

Sugar Relics has released their single ‘Can’t Stay Awake’ combining the sounds of electronic-pop and alt-pop into this truly enchanting piece of music. This track is definitely one of those you can put on and completely get lost in. With so many reasons that come through to really let this track stand out. It has this really dark and eerie sound, but it’s one of those that you really feel gripped on from the moment it starts.

There’s never a dull moment in this piece, it has so many different styles of sound flowing through, but it all flows so well together. It’s such a hit in itself and really lets the stunning vocals come through in the best way, hitting those high notes perfectly and completely pushing through this insane sound that Sugar Relics continues to push through.

There is quite a distinct tone that pushes through in this track, letting it collide against the killer instrumental and coming through with this overall captivating sound. It has this sound where you will instantly get hooked and want to keep listening till the very moment it stops, it has such a brilliant style that is pushed through to make a really fantastic track overall.

If this is your kind of style of music, then this track is definitely worth checking out. It combines many styles of sound into a really mesmerising track, just keeping this insane sound colliding throughout. From the soft-texture on the vocals, then letting that piece together with the superb overall instrumentation, really pushing each element together to create this stand-out track.

‘Can’t Stay Awake’ is one of those pieces, you can’t help but fall in love with, each aspect of the track, flows together to create such an impressive piece of music. From the overall incredible vocal aspects to the instrumental that pushes through, it all comes together to create such a memorable piece of music. If you haven’t checked this track out, then definitely be sure to!

Check out Sugar Relics’ single ‘Can’t Stay Awake’ over on Spotify.

Make sure to keep up to date with Sugar Relics over on Facebook and Instagram.


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