Round-up of the week: Lucas Gil, MOLTENO and God Dealer

The next round-up of the week is here, this weeks has some more fantastic talent, so be sure to read on! All links to the artists music and social media will be embedded throughout. Having an array of electronic pop, synth pop and dark wave. Featuring on this weeks is artists Lucas Gil and MOLTENO. As well as bands such as God Dealer.

You can find my Spotify playlist below and if you want to be featured in any of these weekly round-ups. Make sure to head on over to Musosoup to submit your tracks!

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Lucas Gil- Smokes and Mirrors

Brighton-based Lucas Gil is an electronic pop infused musician, producer and producer, releasing his single ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. A super infectious piece, that certainly is a real mood booster. You can definitely hear the talent that Lucas portrays throughout this piece and of course the insane female vocal elements that sound fantastic. Having this really infectious beat, with this real high energy seeping through consistently. Making sure to keep that same energy flowing to the very end. Each element that is combined intertwines together in the best way, instantly lifting your mood as you listen.

This track is certainly one of those that you have to blast through the speakers and take it all in, the overall tempo, is quite fast and Lucas certainly is not afraid to keep that punchy beat being rather in your face, in the best way of course. One that a load of people will definitely feel themselves going back too, the overall killer instrumentation and the vocal elements combine together perfectly, creating a real hit track. Can’t wait to see what he gets up to next, definitely check it out!

Check out Lucas Gill on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to stream ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ over on Spotify and Soundcloud.

MOLTENO- Our House Is On Fire

MOLTENO is an artist from the UK, infusing her synth pop and dream pop sound into her single ‘Our House Is On Fire’. The vocal aspects that are embedded throughout, have this rather mesmerising essence that surrounds them. Having this rather mellow vocal texture, keeping the volume fairly low, but of course not being afraid to amp it up and reach for the high notes. Creating this real fiery choruses, that are really outstanding. Each element that is pieced together, flows perfectly alongside one another.

This track is certainly an easy to listen too piece and has this rather chilled out essence that surrounds it. One that is definitely a memorable one, it’s such an enticing piece of music and lets the flourishing talent that MOLTENO portrays shine through in the best way. Grabbing your attention immediately, one that really stands out from the crowd. A very talented artist and one that deserves all the recognition she gets. Be sure to check this one out, you won’t want to miss it. Can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!

Check out MOLTENO on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to stream ‘Our House Is On Fire’ over on Spotify and Soundcloud.

God Dealer- God Dealer

Dark wave and electronic God Dealer have released their self-titled single. Having this real dark and distorted essence that surrounds it. Starting of with this funky beat that continues to the end, grabbing your attention straight away. As the rather mysterious vocal elements begin, with this rather raspy tone, a very distinctive vocal tone, but one that sounds insane against the overall upbeat instrumentation. Creating this truly killer track that has many reasons to stand out, one you’ve got to listen too, if you haven’t already.

If this type of music is what you enjoy, then this one is for you. Having this rather enticing essence that surrounds it, it’s one of those pieces that certainly stands out from the crowd, in the aspect of it’s very different, but that is what makes it such a hit in itself. As God Dealer have given it their own unique twist on a very popular genre of music. Can’t wait to see what these guys get up to next, really fantastic piece, check it out if you haven’t already!

Check out God Dealer on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to check them out on Soundcloud.

All these bands and artists were discovered via Musosoup which is a music promotion company. If you’d like the chance to be on the next ‘Round-up’ then be sure to submit your music.

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