Eric Cohen releases single ‘A.M.E.N’

Eric Cohen has released their single ‘A.M.E.N’ infusing the sound of hip-hop and rap to create this insane piece. From the moment it begins, it creates this super funky sound that continues on. Making sure to let everything flow together in the best way, ensuring to keep that upbeat melody seeping through from start to finish.

It’s safe to say he definitely knows how to create a stand-out piece of music and that is certainly shown throughout. With the groovy beats that flow through, against the fast pace rap verses. Coming through with this really infectious sound, that you can’t help but want to delve into right away. As everything comes together, really letting this fantastic sound have its time to shine.

It’s definitely a track that you feel yourself getting hooked on as soon as it starts, one to delve into right away for sure. From the overall brilliant beats that collide to the soft-textured vocal elements that collide, it all works so well together. Definitely, worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.

Now, if this is the type of music you enjoy, then this is definitely a track to check out for sure, a rather easy to listen to piece. There is never a dull moment throughout this track and it certainly makes you want to keep listening on. Creating this excellent sound throughout, ensuring to let the audience enjoys what is being portrayed throughout the track.

‘A.M.E.N’ is a superb piece of music, one that certainly deserves all the recognition it gets, definitely pushing through these insane beats, that you can’t get enough of. Definitely, letting this upbeat sound flow throughout, ensuring to keep the audience wanting to listen from start to finish. If you haven’t checked out this track yet, then definitely be sure to!

Make sure to keep up to date with Eric Cohen over on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out Eric Cohen’s single ‘A.M.E.N’ over on Spotify.


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