Robert O’Connor releases collection ‘Severance’

Robert O’Connor has released their collection ‘Severance’ infusing the sounds of pop and synth-pop to create this mesmerising array of pieces. Definitely, gripping you in within an instant and continuing to do so till the very moment it ends. If this is the style of music you enjoy, then it’s definitely worth checking out the work by Robert.

‘Intro’ is the track to start the anthology, definitely giving you a taster of what is to come. Building up this intensity as it begins, letting these punchy beats come through in the best way. ‘Save You’ is up next, as everything comes together, pushing through this high energy from start to finish, as this mesmerising sound intertwines superbly. ‘Separate Ways’ again definitely builds up that suspense as it continues on, with the smooth-textured vocals that play through. Going against the insane beats that play through. ‘One Way Ticket’ is another excellent track, having these energetic beats that pulse through, against the fun-loving vocal elements that collide.

‘Interlude’ definitely takes a different style of sound, a bit more laid back, with the soothing sound of the piano, creating this rather mellow sound that plays on. ‘Been & Gone’ is another stand-out piece, letting these fantastic instrumentals collide against the funky vocal aspects that play through. ‘The Last Time’ makes sure to let those insane beats flow through from start to finish as they collide against the superb vocal elements perfectly.

‘Outro’ is a brilliant way to end the collection overall, definitely ending it on a high note for sure as everything begins to collide in the best way. There is definitely a lot going on throughout these tracks, but they all work so well together. Creating a really impressive anthology overall.

‘Severance’ is a collection, that you simply can’t get enough of, and it’s so easy to get lost in what it has to offer. It deserves all the recognition it gets for sure. If you haven’t checked out this collection yet, then definitely be sure to, you don’t want to miss this one!

Make sure to keep up to date with Robert O’Connor over on Instagram.

Check out Robert O’Connor’s collection ’Severance’ over on Spotify.


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