Jaded Jane releases single ‘Take A Stand’

Jaded Jane has released their single ‘Take A Stand’ intertwining the sound of dream-pop and alt-pop to create this mesmerising track. As soon as it begins, you’re immersed into the gripping sound that is being portrayed. Definitely, having this really excellent sound that continues on, creating a truly superb piece of music, that many will want to delve into and really get lost in what it has to offer.

As it comes through with this rather soothing instrumental that continues on colliding against the rather soft-textured vocal aspects. Letting them choruses really come through and have their moment. Making sure to let the fairly mellow vocal aspects come through against the steady instrumentation. Creating a brilliant sound overall, that many will really want to check out.

It is certainly a piece of music, that you certainly want to delve into as soon as it starts and really feel gripped on what it has to offer. This track is one of those that you instantly feel connected to as soon as it starts and it continues to do that till the very moment it ends. It is one of those that you certainly can hear the impressiveness and the creativity that has gone into it.

Jaded Jane certainly knew what they were doing with this piece, as the intriguing sound takes over. This is such a stand-out track and one of those that you definitely feel really brings that distinct sound to life in the best way. Definitely, letting everything come together and making sure to really let it all flow together in the best way to create a superb piece overall.

‘Take A Stand’ is a track, that you instantly feel hooked on as soon as it begins, really letting the listeners embrace what Jaded Jane has to offer. Pushing through an excellent sound overall from start to finish. If you haven’t checked out this track yet, then definitely make sure to, it’s one not to miss!

Make sure to keep up to date with Jaded Jane over on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out Jaded Jane’s single ‘Take A Stand’ over on Spotify.


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