Desmond Parson releases single ‘Love You For Life’

Desmond Parson has released their single ‘Love You For Life’ combining the sound of R&B and soul to create this infectious piece of music. This is one of those track that as soon as you listen, it instantly boosts your mood and continues to do that till the very moment it ends. It definitely grabs your attention as soon as you hit play and continues to do just that.

It definitely takes you on this journey through the rather mesmerising sound that Desmond portrays. It has these rather punchy beats that come through, against the soft-textured vocal elements that seep in. There is definitely nothing to in your face about this track and it continues to push through this brilliant sound overall.

As soon as you hit play, you definitely feel like you instantly get gripped by the sound that Desmond himself pushes through. It has this rather upbeat essence that comes crashing through, making sure to create this really fantastic piece of music that works so well. Overall, creating a track that many will enjoy and be able to delve into.

Desmond certainly lets everything flow together in the best possible way, it’s such an easy piece to listen to and one of those that you can easily get lost in. Certainly, a stand-out piece for sure and one that deserves all the recognition it gets. There are many reasons to want to delve into this track and that shows throughout.

‘Love You For Life’ is a piece, that you can definitely listen to over and over to really take in what it has to offer. Pushing through this super distinct sound that continues to do so till the very end. It’s a piece that has many elements embedded but each flows together in a superb way. Be sure to check this piece out, if you haven’t already!

Make sure to keep up to date with Desmond Parson over on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out Desmond Parson’s single ‘Love You For Life’ over on Spotify.


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