Chip Pirrs releases single ‘When In Rome’

Chip Pirrs has released their single ‘When In Rome’ combining the sounds of pop and electronic pop to create this super catchy piece of music. Within an instant, you’re thrown into this rather manic sound that begins to seep through. Keeping that rather distinct sound flowing through from start to finish. Ensuring to create a track that will definitely grab the audience’s attention within an instant.

With the overall brilliant instrumentals that come through, pushing through these super upbeat melodies that come crashing in. Making such a fun-loving track, that you definitely feel immerses you into this rather uplifting essence that continues to play on throughout this track. It comes together to create a really excellent piece of music, that works so well.

It keeps them distorted vocal elements seeping in, but on the other hand having that real soft texture to them, not being afraid to amp up that volume where it is needed. Creating a real gripping track, that has a lot going on throughout it, but it still ensures to keep that pace fast and let everything come flowing together in the best way.

It’s a rather interesting piece of music to listen to, one where you can certainly feel yourself being gripped on what it has to offer within an instant. Definitely, a track where you can really hear the talent that Chip portrays coming through it in a fantastic way. It’s a rather easy to listen to piece of music.

‘When In Rome’ is a real top track, it comes through with this insane sound that you can’t help but love. If this is the type of music you enjoy, then this is definitely a track to check out as you won’t regret it. It allows you to really delve into what this piece has to offer and really enjoy every moment. If you haven’t checked out this track yet, then be sure to!

Make sure to keep up to date with Chip Pirrs over on Facebook.

Check out Chip Pirrs’ single ‘When In Rome’ over on Spotify.


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