The Voo releases single ‘Starfish Stiletto’

The Voo has released their single ‘Starfish Stiletto’ infusing the sound of blues and garage rock to create this insane sound. As soon as it starts, it comes through with this excellent sound that plays through. Making sure to grip the audience in, within an instance. It definitely grips you in with the distinct sound that they portray.

With the strums on the guitar that begin to take over, it instantly changes into this rather slow-pace element that comes through. It has this rather chilled-out sound that surrounds it that you can’t help but fall in love with. This track certainly has many different styles going through it, but each flow so well together.

Then in come the vocal aspects, creating this insane sound throughout, making sure to keep that pitch fairly low, and ensuring that the vocals come through in the best way. Against the overall killer instrumental that flows through, amping up that volume where it is needed and continuing to do so.

The Voo certainly makes sure to keep everything flowing well together and in the best way they can. It’s such an easy piece to listen to and one of those you can certainly get lost in, very quickly and enjoy what they have to offer. Certainly, a fantastic piece and one that many will want to check out for sure. There are many reasons to delve into this piece and it shows throughout.

‘Starfish Stiletto’ is a track, that you certainly need to listen to over and over again to really delve into exactly what they have to offer. It pushes through this distinct sound and continues to do that till the very end. It’s one of those pieces that you definitely feel yourself getting lost in. If you haven’t checked this track out yet, be sure to!

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Check out The Voo’s single ‘Starfish Stiletto’ over on Spotify.


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