Jenni Dale Lord Band releases collection ‘In The Dance’

‘In the Dance’ is the recent anthology by Jenni Dale Lord Band consisting of a total of thirteen pieces to get completely lost in. Combining the sounds of country and rock-pop to create this enchanting array of pieces. Within the first few seconds, it instantly captures your attention with its fun-loving sound that continues to soar through.

Kicking off the anthology is the track ‘Once You Go Bourbon’ is a super funky track, from the second it starts, it creeps up with this groovy essence and comes through with these high-energy instrumentals. ‘Better Things’ has this slightly more rock n roll style to it, with the gravelly textured vocals and the killer instrumentals that come through. ‘I Don’t Want to Hurt You’ tones it back a bit, keeping that country-style sound, but making this track quite a moving one, with the powerful instrumental and vocal aspects. ‘Love You Like You’re Leavin’ is another rather hard-hitting track, with the stunning vocal aspects and the moving instrumentals that come through. ‘Love Wrapped Around My Finger’ brings that feel-good sound back, with the uplifting instrumentation that comes through, creating an overall brilliant piece of music.

‘Lay Us Down’ is another fantastic track, making sure to come through with this dreamy sound that seeps through. ‘It Takes One to Know One’ comes through with this rock and roll infused instrumental that comes through in the best way against the excellent vocal aspects. ‘Who I Used to Be’ is another brilliant track that seeps through in the best way, with the mesmerising vocal aspects that play through. ‘Two Lane Kinda Day’ comes in with this joyful instrumental that continues to play on, against the soothing vocal aspects that come through.

‘It Feels Good’ has that rock n roll style coming through, with the thrilling guitar riffs and the blaring beats that seep through, crashing against the fantastic vocals from Jenni herself. ‘Too Famous for Me Now’ comes in with the country-infused sound that continues to play through. ‘In the Dance’ has an array of different vocal tones that collide through, bringing it back to Jenni’s. It’s such a refreshing track to listen to as it comes through with this distinct sound that works so well. To end the anthology is the piece ‘I Won’t Give Up’ which definitely ends it on a high note. Letting Jenni’s vocals come through in the best way, as everything comes together, creating a real superb track to end on.

‘In The Dance’ is a brilliant anthology that has an amazing array of pieces, one that you certainly can’t get enough of. From start to finish it grips you in and continues to do so. Be sure to check this collection out, if you haven’t already, it’s one not to miss!

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