Lan Miao releases collection ‘The Keep’

Lan Miao has released their collection ‘The Keep’ infusing the sound of alt-rock and pop to create this fantastic array of pieces. It takes you on this journey through the mesmerising sound that Lan Miao has to offer. With the soothing instrumentals and the dreamy vocal elements that play through in the best way.

Beginning the anthology is the track ‘Favourite Things’ as soon as it starts, you’re greeted by the dulcet vocals that play through, against the enchanting instrumentation that plays through. ‘Prayer’ begins with the soothing sound of the piano, which collides against these hard-hitting beats that play through. Creating quite a powerful instrumentation, letting everything come together in a superb way. ‘This Old Man’ is on the more upbeat side, making sure to keep those groovy melodies coming through, against the distinct soothing vocal aspects that come into play.

‘Rainbow’ is a rather easy-to-listen to piece of music, that has this real calming essence that surrounds it. As it goes against the mesmerising vocal aspects from Lan herself. It keeps this fantastic sound flowing through from start to finish. ‘Pale Mother’ really lets the soothing vocal aspects that Lan portrays come through in the best way throughout this track. ‘The Keep’ is the final track on the anthology, having this rather eerie sound towards it, as it collides against the dark and rather mysterious instrumentation.

This is certainly a collection of pieces, that you definitely feel yourself getting lost in from the moment it begins to the very moment it ends. It hooks you in on everything it has to offer and continues to do so. It’s a group of tracks that you will definitely feel yourself wanting to go back to and really enjoy everything they have to offer.

‘The Keep’ is a quality array of tracks, ones that really show the excellent sound that is behind Lan Miao herself. She certainly knew what she was doing throughout these pieces, even though they share their similarities, each one has its own reasons to stand out. Definitely, one of those collections to really enjoy with such easy to listen to pieces of music. Be sure to check out this anthology, if you haven’t already!

Make sure to keep up to date with Lan Miao over on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out Lan Miao’s collection ‘The Keep’ over on Spotify.


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