TAYCE releases collection ‘Nothing Better’

‘Nothing Better’ is the recent collection from artist TAYCE, intertwining the sounds of dream-pop and soul-rock to create a stunning array of tracks. Throughout, there is a variety of sounds that flow throughout this piece. TAYCE certainly has created a collection of pieces that many will adore. Coming through with this dreamy sound from start to finish.

Starting off the collection is the track ‘Why it’s ending’ with the punchy beats that play through, it captures your attention with the beautiful vocal aspects that seep through. With this rather brittle texture added to them, against the upbeat instrumentation as a whole. ‘Baby’ is another superb track, coming through with this enchanting sound that collides. Against the brilliant instrumentation that intertwines, making sure the choruses come through in the best way. ‘Truth or dare’ comes through with this high energy that flows, having this slightly more rock n roll infused instrumentation, colliding against the fantastic vocal elements.

‘Do I know you?’ has this thrilling guitar solo that comes through, going against the soft-textured vocals from TAYCE herself. ‘Let me be alone’ comes back with that rather laid-back essence, really letting the vocals that she withholds come through in a fantastic way, really letting everything come together in such an impressive way. ‘Nothing Better’ comes through with this alluring vocal aspect, against the powerful instrumentation that intertwines. ‘Tldr’ is a short but sweet track, coming through with this stunning sound tha t plays through, ending the collection on a high note.

TAYCE definitely comes through with this incredible sound that pushes through, making sure to keep that audience engaged from the moment it begins to the very moment it ends. Making sure to come through with this mesmerising sound, coming through with this excellent instrumentation and killer vocal elements.

‘Nothing Better’ is a really impressive collection, that has this moving aspect that surrounds it. Making it such an easy to listen to collection and a super creative array of tracks. Now, if this is the type of music you enjoy, then this is the collection for you. If you haven’t checked out this anthology yet, then definitely be sure to!

Make sure to keep up to date with TAYCE over on Instagram.

Check out TAYCE’s single ‘Nothing Better’ over on Spotify.


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