Nick Kandler releases single ‘Kill You Slowly’

‘Kill You Slowly’ is the recent release from Nick Kandler, combining the sound of rock-pop and pop into this infectious piece of music. The track itself is insanely impressive and from the moment it starts, you’re immersed into this truly brilliant sound that Nick portrays. Now, there is certainly never a dull moment throughout this track and throughout it shows just exactly why many will love this piece.

From the moment it begins, you’re taken on this journey through the brilliant sound that Nick pushes through. With the super upbeat instrumentation, that collides against the high-pitched soft-textured vocal aspects. Letting them powerful choruses ignite in the best possible way. As each element that is embedded flows so well together and continues to do so.

When it comes to the instrumetation, it comes through with these rather punchy beats that seep through. Letting those pop elements come crashing through, in a superb way. Ensuring to keep that volume loud and make sure that everything comes flowing together in a fantastic way. Keeping that audience engaged from start to finish and making sure that, the brilliant sound Nick withholds, comes through.

Nick definitely makes sure that every part of this track comes through in the best way, ensuring to keep that high energy flowing through till the very moment it ends. It’s an easy to listen to track and one of those that you definitely want to delve into right away. There are so many reasons for it to stand out and it certainly deserves every ounce of recognition it gets.

‘Kill You Slowly’ is a pieece, that you can’t help but keep wanting to listen too, always making sure that those uplifting and lively sounds come through at all times. A piece that you feel yourself gravitating towards as soon as it starts. If you haven’t checked this track out yet, then definitely be sure to!

Make sure to keep up to date with Nick Kandler over on Instagram.

Check out Nick Kandler’s single ‘Kill You Slowly’ over on Spotify.


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