DJ G-String releases EP ‘In The Mirror’

DJ G-String has released their EP ‘In The Mirror’ combining the sounds of synthwave and trance to create a killer array of tracks. From the get go, you’re immersed into the insanely catchy sound that they portray. Keeping these energetic melodies flowing throughout, always making sure to grab your attention from the moment it begins. There is never a dull moment throughout this EP for sure.

‘Always (Trance Remix)’ is the track that begins the EP, letting these heart-pumping beats begin and build up this high intensity throughout. Ensuring to keep that high energy flowing through as the stunning vocal aspects come through. ‘Your Love (Trance Remix)‘ is another insane track, coming through with these suspenseful melodies that slowly build up, combining against these funky melodies, creating such a stand out track for sure. ‘All these nights (Trance Remix)’ pushes through with these excellent melodies and completely lets everything come crashing together in the best way.

‘Runaway (with Lindsay Compton) Chriszio Remix’ comes through and takes on that brilliant sound that has continued to flow through each track. Making sure to have that build-up in the atmosphere, letting everything come together in the best way. To finish the EP is the track ‘Only If (PSYCH0H Remix)’ with the dreamy vocal aspects that collide against the overall gripping melody that pushes through.

There’s never a dull moment throughout this collection, it’s one of those that you feel grabs your attention from the moment it starts till the very end. Everything flows so well together and each track has its own reason to stand out. Definitely, think that this collection of tracks is one you definitely feel yourself gravitating towards.

‘In The Mirror’ is an excellent collection of pieces, pushing through this insanely brilliant sound throughout. With each track, they have their similarities but each one brings in something different, and it’s really interesting to listen to. Now, if you haven’t checked this collection out, then be sure to!

Check out DJ G-String’s collection ‘In The Mirror’ over on Spotify.

Make sure to keep up to date with DJ G-String over on Facebook and Instagram.


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