Ainsley Costello releases single ‘Little Sister’

Ainsley Costello has released her single ‘Little Sister’ combining the sound of indie and rock-pop to create this stunning piece of music. From the second it begins, you’re taken on this journey through the dreamy sound that Ainsley continues to push through. Making sure to grab your attention as soon as it begins and keep you wanting to listen till the very moment it stops.

Now, it’s safe to say that Ainsley herself definitely knows how to pull together a pretty impressive piece of music and there are so many reasons for that. From the way in which everything flows together in the best way. As well as the outstanding vocal elements that collide against the rock-infused instrumentation, creating this really moving and powerful track for sure.

This track is definitely one of those that many will love and keep going back to. It is one that shows the flourishing talent that Ainsley portrays and that continues to shine through. Really pushing through many different styles throughout, hitting the high notes perfectly and continuing to have them electrifying guitar riffs and hard-hitting drum beats to collide against the mesmerising vocal aspects.

The instrumentation as a whole has this rather uplifting essence that surrounds it, keeping that high energy flowing through. Then adding in them soft-textured vocals to piece together in a fantastic way. Creating such a stand-out track, it is one of those that you won’t want to miss out on. Letting all the elements come together in the best way, to create such a creative and impressive piece.

‘Little Sister’ is a piece that definitely deserves all the recognition it gets, it’s a piece many will feel themselves gravitating towards within an instant and feel themselves going back to for sure. It’s one of those tracks that you can really get lost in and it continues to grab your attention. If you haven’t checked this piece out yet, then definitely be sure to!

Check out Ainsley Costello over on Facebook and Instagram and make sure to stream ‘Little Sister’ over on Spotify.


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