Ludlow Creek releases single ‘What About Love’

Ludlow Love has released their single ‘What About Love’ infusing the sound of country and classic-rock to create this mesmerising track. From the moment it begins, you’re greeted by this fun-loving sound that this band continues to push through. You’re taken on this journey through the insane sound that they portray. Now, if this is your type of music, then be sure to listen to this piece.

Beginning with this uplifting instrumentation that flows through, with the soft plucks on the guitar that collides with the rough-textured vocal elements. Pulling it together to create this fantastic sound that is pushed through. It is definitely one of those tracks, you can easily get lost in and want to have on repeat. Now, it’s safe to say that they sure know how to create a superb piece and that shows throughout.

It certainly is a brilliant piece and there are many reasons for it to stand out and one that deserves all the recognition it gets. There are so many different elements embedded throughout that collide in the best way. Keeping that pace steady and that volume to a minimum to really let everything come crashing through, to create the mesmerising sound that pushes through.

It’s a piece that many will want to delve into and if you’re into this specific style of music, then you’ll definitely want to check this one out. This track definitely has that ability to hook you in from the moment it starts and continues to do so. It has that ability to boost your mood, with the country-style sound pushing through, creating this rather uplifting essence that surrounds it.

‘What About Love’ is a track that is definitely a brilliant one, with the gravelly textured vocals that seep through against the soothing instrumentation. It’s such an impressive and memorable piece and one many will check out. Now, if you’re looking for another track to check out, then definitely make it this one!

Check out Ludlow Creek collection ‘What About Love’ over on Spotify.

Make sure to keep up to date with ‘What About Love’ over on Facebook and Instagram.


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