Thirsty Curses releases collection ‘To The Ends Of The Earth’

Thirsty Curses has released their collection ‘To The Ends Of The Earth’ infusing the sound of alt-rock and rock n roll. From the moment you hit play, you’re immersed into this fantastic sound that Thirsty Curses portray. As soon as it begins you’re greeted with this nostalgic rock n roll sound that seeps through in the best way. Pushing through some real stand-out pieces throughout this anthology.

Kicking off is the track ‘One of These Days’ making sure to push through their insane sound on their beginning track and they certainly come through in the best way with this one. ‘Are You Still There?’ begins with this groovy essence that comes through in the instrumental, making sure to keep them lively vocal aspects seeping through. ‘Your Next Move’ has this really uplifting essence that plays throughout, letting all the instruments come colliding together in the best way. ‘What the Hell?’ strips it back a bit, coming through with the soft strums on the guitar and letting the gravelly textured vocals seep through. ‘Whistlepig’ kicks off with this rock n roll infused instrumental, with the thrilling riffs and the hard-hitting drum beats, to make this insane track.

‘Jenny’ has this funky instrumental that comes through, colliding against the rough-textured vocal aspects. Keeping that pace steady and ensuring that each element flows together in the best way. ‘Calmer Waters’ is another fantastic track, coming through with that insane instrumentation, keeping that high energy flowing through in the best way. ‘Tell Me the Truth’ is definitely a rather stand out track, really letting this brilliant distinct sound that Thirsty Curses has shine through. ‘Vera’ is a more classic take, with the sound of the piano that seeps through, colliding against the tap on the drums. ‘Down & Out’ has this really energetic instrumental that seeps through, colliding against the fantastic vocal aspects.

‘Antepenultimate’ begins with this rather soothing instrumental that begins to build up this suspense and create this rather eerie sound. ‘Nothing Really Matters’ comes through in the best way, completely letting everything come crashing together and ensuring that volume is amped up fully, creating this rather manic piece. ‘A Baptist and a Rabbi’ is the track to finish off the collection, beginning with the sound on the piano, a really enchanting track to end with for sure.

To The Ends Of The Earth’ is such an insane album, that definitely has so many reasons to stand out, it is one that deserves all the recognition it gets. It’s a really memorable and impressive collection of tracks and one that keeps you hooked from the moment it begins to the very end. Now, if this is the kind of music, you’re into then definitely be sure to check this out, if you haven’t already!

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