Sheriff Birch releases collection ‘Duck Mug’

Sheriff Birch has released their collection ‘Duck Mug’ infusing the sound of indie-folk and bedroom pop. From the moment it begins it has this really uplifting essence that seeps through, making sure to keep you hooked from the moment it begins to the very end and continues to make you want to keep listening on. The way in which each track is different and it has this really distinct sound.

Duck Mug’ is the track to begin the collection, coming through with the country-infused instrumental to start. ‘Here, Have An Egg’ begins and comes through with this lively essence that continues to seep through, making sure to keep you gripped from the moment it begins. ‘I Hope He Haunts My Home’ is one of those tracks that has this real groovy essence that seeps through, constantly pushing this really high energy through. ‘Musty Ham’ comes through with this folk instrumental that flows through in the best way. ‘When I’m Drunk’ is another fantastic track, that continues to let the distinct fun-loving sound flow through in a superb way.

‘Big Ol’ Mike’ is another stand out track, pushing through them raucous vocal aspects against the funky instrumentation. ‘Loon Tune’ is one of those tracks that you can’t help but love, from the second it begins, it comes through with this brilliant sound and continues to do so till the very end. ‘Three Dead Cedars’ begins with this soothing instrumentation that comes through, creating this rather calming sound as you listen. ‘Crow Buddy‘ is another brilliant track, that comes through with this rather mellow sound, a bit more toned back than the rest of the tracks.

‘The Minstrel Boy’ is a more laid back piece, keeping that pace steady and coming through with that rather chilled-out instrumentation. ‘Shit Stained Letter’ is another brilliant piece, keeping that same high energy flowing through the instrumental and vocals overall, creating a really memorable piece. ‘Daily Lily/White Light’ has this mesmerising sound of the piano that comes through, against the harsh vocal aspects, creating this really enticing piece. To finish off the collection is the track ‘Duck Mug Too’ has this rather mysterious and eerie essence when it first begins as the vocals seem to be quite faded out, really creating this stand out piece to draw it all to a close.

Duck Mug’ is a really fantastic album, with so many impressive pieces, that many will want to delve into right away. Making sure to always grab your attention from the moment it begins to the very end. If you haven’t checked this collection out yet, then definitely be sure to!

Check out Sheriff Birch’s collection ‘Duck Mug’ over on Spotify

Make sure to keep up to date with Sheriff Birch over on Facebook.


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