STAND-IN releases single ‘Not Yours’

STAND-IN releases single ‘Not Yours’ combining the sound of dream-pop and indie-pop into this really uplifting piece of music. Now, they sure know how to create a track that many will want to delve into and completely fall in love with and they certainly do this throughout this track. There is never a dull moment throughout this piece, it continues to grab your attention from the moment it starts.

Having this real high energy that pushes through, going against the gravelly textured vocal elements, of course not being afraid to reach those higher notes when it is needed. Keeping that same infectious energy flowing through, this piece is definitely one of those that deserves all the recognition it gets.

The instrumentation comes through with this insanely brilliant melody that collides against the distinct vocal aspects in the best way. Making sure to amp that volume up and keep that pace steady, a real mood-boosting track, that you can certainly blast through the speakers and really get to grips with just how much of a standout piece it is.

As soon as you hit play, you’re immersed into the superb sound that STAND-IN continues to push through. It’s a piece that you will definitely feel yourself going back to and this track shows exactly why that is throughout. A really impressive and creative piece overall, that has many reasons to shine. Keeping you hooked from the moment it begins to the very end.

Not Yours’ is a piece, that you definitely must check out, if you’re looking for a new artist to check out and you’re into the indie-pop scene, then definitely be sure to. Definitely, don’t skip this one, and be sure to delve into it, you won’t regret it. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to give it a listen!

Check out STAND-IN single ‘Not Yours’ over on Spotify.

Make sure to keep up to date with STAND-IN over on Instagram.


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