Tiki Black releases collection ‘The Sound Of The Broken Wand’

Tiki Black has released their collection ‘The Sound Of The Broken Wand’ infusing the sound of folk and pop into this mesmerising array of tracks. This collection is definitely one of those that you can listen to over and over again and really immerse yourself into the sound that they portray. It’s a proper great listen and one of those collections that you can’t help but fall in love with.

‘The Debt’ has this rather eerie and suspenseful instrumentation that begins to seep through, with these stunning vocal elements. ‘A Ghost Of Me’ begins with these beautiful vocal aspects, hitting them high notes perfectly, colliding against this smooth instrumentation. ‘The Unscripted’ starts with the piano verses, that seep into the smooth-textured vocals that Tiki portrays, creating a really brilliant piece of music. ‘Nobody Knows’ is another mesmerising piece of music, coming through with these insane vocal aspects and colliding against the instrumentation in the best way.

The Crown’s Crumbs’ begins with this peaceful verse on the piano as it seeps into these enchanting vocal elements and pieces together with the brilliant instrumentation. ‘The Other Woman’ takes on this more jazz-infused sound, with the funky instrumental elements that seep through in the best way. ‘The Sound Of The Broken Wand’ is an excellent track, pushing through this rather moving essence as you listen, colliding against the outstanding vocal aspects.

‘Release Me’ begins with these light strums on the guitar, seeping into the captivating vocal aspects from Tiki herself. To close off is the track ‘Colour Me Blue’ which takes on quite a different style to the rest of the tracks, infusing this quite deep aspect to the vocals overall, colliding against this intense instrumental.

The Sound Of The Broken Wand’ is such a fantastic array of pieces, with so many reasons to stand out, one that deserves all the recognition it gets and will be one that many will have on repeat for sure. Making sure to keep you hooked from the moment it starts, till the very end. Be sure to check this collection out, if you haven’t already!

Check out Tiki Black’s collection ‘The Sound Of The Broken Wand’ over on Spotify

Make sure to keep up to date with Tiki Black over on over on Facebook and Instagram.


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