TWAM releases single ‘Outta Time’

TWAM has released their single ‘Outta Time’ infusing the sound of electronic-pop and alt-pop to create this captivating piece of music. This track has this rather distinctive sound that works really well. It combines a wide range of different styles into the one-piece, letting each element flow together so well. It has this ability to instantly boost your mood as you listen and it’s such a hit in itself in general.

The way in which the vocals push through the overall melody, in this really fiery way, making sure to keep that volume loud and letting everything come crashing together. Really having this insane melody pushing through constantly, making the killer sound that TWAM has come through and have its time to shine in the best way of course.

The vocal elements overall have this really soothing texture added to them, even though the track itself is quite in your face and a lot more upbeat. The vocal aspects do flow so well throughout the overall melody and create this fantastic sound that is constantly being pushed through. Letting the talent that TWAM withholds, shine through in the best way throughout this piece.

It has this energetic melody that flows through in the best way as that intertwines against the vocal aspects. There are many reasons for this track to stand out and that continues to show throughout this track. A really impressive piece and one that many will want to delve into right away. Definitely, a track that you feel yourself getting hooked on from the moment it starts.

‘Outta Time’ is a real quality piece of music, one that deserves all the recognition it gets. TWAM has really smashed it with this piece and it’s definitely one of those tracks that makes you excited for what else is to come. With many reasons to love this track, it’s definitely one to listen to, and if you haven’t already, be sure to!

Check out TWAM ‘Outta Time’ over on Spotify.

Make sure to keep up to date with them over on Facebook and Instagram.

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