Nathalie Miranda releases single ‘Is This Love’

Nathalie Miranda has released her single ‘Is This Love’ infusing the sound of pop into this insanely catchy track. As soon as this piece kicks off you’re immersed into this truly brilliant sound that Nathalie portrays. Greeted by this uplifting melody that seeps through, creating this really groovy instrumentation, that continues on. It’s safe to say that this piece, definitely has that ability to hook you in within seconds.

It is one of those pieces, that certainly experiments with many different styles of sound, ensuring to keep that pace steady. However, not being afraid to amp up that volume and to really let everything come crashing together. There is definitely this really infectious energy that seeps through and comes through in the best way. A really fantastic piece, that has many reasons to shine.

It’s a piece that many will want to delve into, it gives it this really fun-loving essence as you listen to it. Really letting the choruses ignite in the best way, as for the overall dreamy vocal elements that seep through, they really make the song. Nathalie certainly knows how to create a killer track and she for sure does that throughout this piece.

Nathalie certainly captures the sound of pop, whilst also having that nostalgic sound of the 80s that pushes through in such a brilliant way. It’s a track that you can blast through the speakers and get completely lost in, in the best way of course. Having such an uplifting instrumentation and of course the mesmerising vocal aspects from Nathalie herself

‘Is This Love’ is a piece that deserves all the recognition it gets, it’s a piece where you definitely feel yourself loving it as soon as you hit the play button. Nathalie is a very talented individual and that certainly comes through in this piece. Really shows the listeners what they have to look forward to, having a really captivating sound that many will adore. Be sure to check this out, if you haven’t already!

Check out Nathalie Miranda’s single ‘Is This Love’ over on Spotify.

Make sure to keep up to date with Nathalie Miranda over on Facebook and Instagram.

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