Asia Kyréé releases single ‘Touch Me’

Asia Kyréé has released her single ‘Touch Me’ combining the sound of alt-pop and R&B into this brilliant track. Now, if you’re looking for a track that as soon as you hit play, is going to come through with this insane upbeat instrumentation and fantastic vocal elements, then this piece is it. Having these punchy beats that come through straight away and continue to do so till the very end.

It grabs your attention within the first few seconds and is one of those you can easily get lost in, even though it is a track that has a lot going on, it’s still a very easy to listen to piece. As for the overall vocal elements that come through, Asia certainly knows how to hit them high notes and is certainly not afraid to amp up the volume when it comes to letting her vocals come through.

From the get go until the very moment it ends, it has your attention, whether that is through the infectious instrumentation or the overall melodies that continue to seep through. Or the insane vocal aspects from Asia herself, there are many reasons for this track to stand-out and Asia has definitely created a really excellent piece of music, that will be loved by many.

Asia certainly has a really distinctive tone to her voice and it works so well, immersing you into this dreamy sound that she portrays, as soon as you hit play. It’s a super infectious piece of music and each element that is embedded throughout flows together perfectly. Creating a really brilliant piece of music, that deserves all the recognition it gets.

‘Touch Me’ is one of those tracks, that many will want to keep listening to and has that ability to make you want to keep listening on. It is a rather enticing piece to listen to and definitely has that real R&B-infused aspect to it, which works so well and definitely comes through in the best way throughout. Be sure to check this piece out, if you haven’t already!

Check out Asia Kyréé’s single ‘Touch Me’ over on Spotify.

Make sure to keep up to date with Asia over on Facebook.


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