Bruvs releases collection ‘Carme’

Bruvs has released their collection ‘Carme’ infusing the sound of EDM and dance into this insane array of catchy tracks. This collection of tracks is filled with many upbeat melodies and this really infectious energy that continues to flow through constantly. It’s one of those that grabs your attention as soon as you hit play and continues to do so, till the very end. It’s a really great listen and one of those that is definitely easy to listen to for sure.

‘Carme’ is the song to open the anthology, as soon as it begins you’re greeted with this high energy that pulses through, alongside this punchy beat that continues to come through in the best way. Taking you on this journey through the sound that BRUVS themselves pushes through. Continuing to keep that same energy flowing through at all times and completely smashing it of course.

‘Gliese’ has a slightly different style, in which it starts with this rather funky essence that comes through in the overall melody. But, then has these distorted sounds that begin to flow in and out, in the best way. Two rather different styles of sound, that come together to create a really interesting melody overall. Gradually over time upping that pace slightly and making sure that everything comes crashing together in the best way.

‘BoRG’ is the track to finish the collection of having this rather groovy essence towards it as it intertwines with these pulsing beats that continue to push through. Creating a really intriguing finishing piece, that you can’t help but get lost in. Definitely, one of those tracks that gets your attention the moment you hit play and continues to grip it till the moment it ends. Certainly, a brilliant track to be ending the collection with, really showing just what Bruvs is all about.

‘Carme’ is a collection, that is one of those that for those who are lovers of the style of dance music, will fall in love with. Really shows just how powerful sound can be and what fantastic pieces you can put together with certain beats. Definitely, a collection that is to be listened to over and over again, if you haven’t checked this out, then be sure to!

Check out Bruvs on Instagram and make sure to stream ‘Carme’ over on Spotify.


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