Chucky Trading Co releases single ‘Peace With the Devil’

Chucky Trading Co has released his single ‘Peace With the Devil’ infusing the sound of alt-country and folk-rock into this insanely catchy piece. From the moment it begins, you’re immersed into this fun-loving sound that Chucky puts forward. From the strums of the guitar, that begin colliding against the insane vocal aspects from Chucky himself. It gives this piece a rather chilled-out sound as you listen, one that definitely grabs your attention the moment you hit play.

It definitely has that ability to be able to grab your attention from the moment it begins and keeps you wanting to listen. It’s one of those pieces that is certainly easy to listen to and it definitely keeps you intrigued and wanting to listen to the whole track. The way in which the overall funky instrumental pieces together against the fantastic vocal aspects, all coming together and flowing so well.

Chucky certainly knows how to pull a brilliant track together and one that works so well. With lots of elements embedded throughout, it all comes together to create such a stand-out track. It’s one of those that you definitely feel yourself gravitating towards as soon as it begins. By creating a piece that many will want to delve into, mixing in a load of different styles of sound together to create this mesmerising piece by Chucky.

If this specific type of music is something you’re interested in, then this piece is definitely for you. A piece that will certainly be loved by many, it’s such a calming piece to listen to and one of those that you definitely feel yourself getting lost in, in the best way. It is quite a memorable track in itself and it certainly has many reasons to stand out for sure.

‘Peace With the Devil’ is one of those tracks, you certainly won’t want to miss out on, making you want to keep listening till the very moment it ends. It’s such an impressive track, one that you definitely will want to listen to on repeat. It has this really relaxing essence to it and it’s not too in your face, a slow pace and keeping that volume to a minimum. Definitely, be sure to check this track out, if you haven’t already!

Check out Chucky Trading Co on Facebook and Instagram and make sure to stream ‘Peace With The Devil’ over on Spotify.


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