Rocky Rose releases single ‘Let’s Ride’

Rocky Rose has released her single ‘Let’s Ride’ combining the sounds of indie-pop and alt-rock pop into this insanely catchy piece of music. This track is definitely one of those that has that real upbeat energy surrounding it, one that is a real mood booster. The moment you turn it on you’re immersed into the fun-loving sound that Rocky herself pushes through her music and it works so well for sure.

From the moment it starts, it begins with this punchy instrumentation, that leads into these stunning vocal aspects that flow so well. This track definitely has that catchy essence that surrounds it and it’s such a fun piece to listen to, keeping that same energy flowing through till the very end. Rocky has this really feel good essence that surrounds her, which makes this track a super great one to listen to.

Now, if this is the kind of music you’re interested in then definitely be sure to give this track a listen too, it certainly does not disappoint. Rocky herself has a rather smooth texture to her vocals, keeping that pitch fairly low. Definitely, some rather impressive and distinctive vocal tones flow well alongside the energetic instrumentation. This track is definitely one you can blast through the speakers and just get completely lost in.

From the get-go, you’re hooked on the sound that Rocky herself pushes through, creating this really fantastic piece of music. One that you can’t help but want to have on repeat and one that many will want to delve into for sure. This track is such a brilliant one to listen to and it has many reasons to stand out for sure.

‘Let’s Ride’ is a track, that you definitely won’t want to miss, a creative and memorable piece of music, that certainly deserves all the recognition it gets. It’s one of them tracks, that you listen to and it instantly makes you feel better with its groovy and high-energy instrumentation and vocal aspects. Definitely, be sure to check this one out, if you haven’t already!

Check out Rocky Rose’s single ‘Let’s Ride’ over on Spotify

Make sure to keep up to date with Rocky over on over on Facebook and Instagram.


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