Blonde Diamond releases single ‘Red Flags’

Blonde Diamond has released their single ‘Red Flags’ infusing the sound of indie-pop and rock-pop together to create this really mesmerising piece of music. From the moment this track begins you’re immersed into the stunning sound that Blonde Diamond portrays. This track begins with this fairly chilled vibe as it begins, making it super easy to listen to, one that you can stick your headphones on and get completely lost in.

It switches from that more mellow style to really coming through with the rock aspects, especially through the instrumentation. As it has these punchy beats that flow through, making this rather energetic melody that continues to push through. As the stunning vocal aspects begin to seep through, in the best way. Really letting the high-pitched smooth textured vocals really have their time to shine.

This piece lets everything come and crash together, the instrumentation definitely amps that volume up a lot and gives it that rock feel. But, the overall vocal aspects, take that volume down and give it that more chilled out the essence. It’s such a brilliant piece of music, that has many styles of sound embedded throughout, certainly smashing it completely and not disappointing.

There’s not a dull moment throughout this piece, it’s honestly fantastic. From, the overall tremendous instrumentation they let shine through, to the dreamy vocal elements. They sure know how to pull a track together that many are going to want to delve into straight away. There are certainly many reasons for this track to stand out, it’s a creative, impressive, and memorable one for sure.

Red Flags’ is one of those pieces, you just can’t help but fall in love with, from the moment it starts, you’re definitely hooked on the sound. It’s such an easy to listen to track and keeps you wanting to listen till the very moment it ends. If you haven’t checked this piece out yet, then you must, it’s one that certainly is not to be missed!

Check out Blonde Diamond’s single ‘Red Flags’ over on Spotify.

Make sure to keep up to date with Blonde Diamond over on Facebook and Instagram.


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