Heather Armstrong releases collection ‘Fearless Contribution’

Heather Armstrong has released her ten-track collection ‘Fearless Contribution’ infusing the sound of indie and blue-eyed soul into this array of mesmerising pieces. The way the dulcet vocal tones come seeping through, that then intertwine alongside the calming instrumental, this whole collection is such an easy to listen to one, keeping you hooked from the moment you hit play to the very end.

Beginning with the track ‘Bells In The Wind’ starts of with this soft pluck on the guitar strings, creating this rather soothing atmosphere as the guitar collides against the brittle textured vocals. Really letting the vocal talent that Heather withholds, really come through in this piece, showing exactly what she has to come. ‘Early Rising Rhythm and Blues’ has this rather blues-infused sound coming through from the moment it begins, with the groovy sounds on the piano colliding against the stunning vocal aspects. ‘I Fly’ has that same acoustic sound on the guitar, with a little bit more of an upbeat essence towards it. ‘Taking Chances’ really lets that insane sound on the acoustic guitar come through in the best way, intertwining with the dreamy vocal aspects as the guitar flows perfectly alongside them.

‘I Never Knew’ is one of those tracks that starts off with this really moving essence, through the soft plucks on the guitar strings, letting that run through, for a bit of the introduction to the track. Then in come Heather’s soft textured vocals, really making the song a fantastic one. ‘All I Need’ is a brilliant track, having that guitar come seeping through, with a slight upbeat tap that comes seeping through, going against Heather’s mellow toned vocal aspects. ‘Insecurity’ infused that real indie sound, coming through with the guitar, to create this relaxed atmosphere.

Alone in a Diner’ is a stunning track, having that guitar come through in the best way, as Heather has that slightly more high-pitch to her voice. It keeps that pace steady as this insane chorus ignites. ‘Nowhere to Go’ has that slightly more country style with the overall instrumentation and the rather uplifting vocal aspects, colliding against it. To close off is the track ‘Piper’s Peace’ beginning with that calming guitar, as Heather’s vocals come through in such a superb way, really creating this captivating finish to a brilliant collection.

‘Fearless Contribution’ is a collection of outstanding pieces, really letting the talent that Heather herself withholds come through in the best way. Making this album such an interesting journey to go through, one that many will want to delve into and keeps you interested from start to finish. Be sure to check this piece out if you haven’t already!

Check out Heather Armstrong’s collection ‘Fearless Contribution’ over on Spotify

Make sure to keep up to date with Heather Armstrong over on Facebook and Instagram.


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