Round-up of the week: SYNEYE, alexa laine, Penguin’s Lonely Heart, sautereau, Chucky Trading Co, Departure, Eema Naomi

The next round-up of the week is here, this week has some more insane talent, so be sure to read on! All links to the artists’ music and social media will be embedded throughout. Having an array of electronic-pop, indie-pop, folk-pop, indie-rock, classic-rock, electronic, and soft-rock. Featuring this week are artists SYNEYE, alexa laine, sautereau, Departure, and Eema Naomi. As well as bands such as Penguin’s Lonely Heart and Chucky Trading Co.

You can find my Spotify playlist below and if you want to be featured in any of these weekly round-ups. Make sure to head on over to Musosoup to submit your tracks!

SYNEYE- In My Shadow

SYNEYE has released her single ‘In My Shadow’ infusing this electronic-pop and dark-pop sound into this mesmerising piece. From the moment it begins, you’re immersed into this stunning sound that she portrays. Within seconds, you’re greeted by these enchanting vocal elements and this really powerful instrumentation. That collides together to create this really stand-out piece of music, the instrumentation itself comes through in the best way, creating this real in-your-face melody.

Now, if this is the type of music you’re into, then definitely give this track a listen, it has this insane energy that surrounds it and it’s fantastic. The way the instrumentation collides against the vocal elements in such a superb way, letting everything flow together so well. Letting this killer chorus ignite and upping that volume on the overall melody to let it really come pushing through. Definitely, check this piece out, looking forward to what she gets up to next!

Check out SYNEYE over on Instagram, make sure to stream ‘In My Shadow’ over on Spotify.

alexa laine- miss me

Alexa Laine has released her single ‘Miss Me’ a really moving and powerful piece of music, that has this really brilliant sound. Combining the sounds of indie-pop and synth-pop together to create a really dreamy track. In the very first few seconds, you’re instantly hooked on the sound that Alexa pushes through, having this upbeat instrumentation that flows alongside the vocal aspects perfectly. The vocal aspects are fantastic and throughout this piece, Alexa definitely shows the talent she withholds.

This track is one of those you can easily get lost in, one you have to blast through the headphones in and just really listen to every word. It has this rather emotional story that is told through the lyrical approach. But, also it portrays this quite fiery powerful essence that Alexa lets seep in throughout the track. Now, this track is definitely one of those you don’t want to miss, having this sound that many will adore, check it out!

Check out alexa laine over on Instagram, make sure to stream ‘Miss Me’ over on Spotify.

Penguin’s Lonely Heart- Kill The President

Penguin’s Lonely Heart has dropped their track ‘Kill The President’ with these thrilling guitar riffs to begin with and this punchy beat that seeps through. Having this rather rock n roll essence through the instrumentation as a whole. Combining the sounds of indie-rock and indie-pop together to create this insane track. The overall aspects have this quite distinctive tone to them, having a fairly mellow pitch, but a rather smooth essence that surrounds it.

Always make sure to amp up the volume as it comes to the overall instrumentation, with this rather eerie and dark essence that surrounds it. Adding in these soothing vocal aspects that completely top the track off. This piece is definitely one of those that grabs your attention from the second it begins and one many will want to delve into. A really easy to listen to piece of music and one to check out for sure. Definitely, looking forward to what they get up to next!

Check out Penguin’s Lonely Heart over on Facebook and Instagram, make sure to stream ‘Kill The President’ over on Spotify and YouTube.

sautereau- Conversation Hearts

Sautereau has released her single ‘Conversation Hearts’ infusing the sound of folk-pop and indie-pop to create this brilliant piece of music. From the captivating vocal aspects to the rather calming essence through the instrumental. Having them soft plucks on the guitar, as the stunning vocal aspects come colliding against it in the best way. Creating this really rather moving and fantastic piece of music.

It’s definitely a piece that keeps you wanting to listen from the moment it begins to the very end, keeping you listening throughout. A piece, you could easily get lost in and has so much potential and truly shows the flourishing talent that sautereau portrays. It’s definitely, a rather stand-out track and there are many reasons for that. If you haven’t checked out this piece, be sure too, you won’t want to miss it!

Check out sautereau over on Facebook and Instagram, make sure to stream ‘Conversation Hearts’ over on Spotify and YouTube.

Chucky Trading Co- Honey Bee

Chucky Trading Co has released their single ‘Honey Bee’ combining the sounds of folk-rock and classic-rock into a real funky and rock n roll piece of music. Each element that is embedded throughout this track, gives it this real 80’s rock sound and it works so well. With the classic-rock infused instrumentation, keeping the taps on the drums quite soft, but having them riffs come through a little bit more.

The overall vocal aspects have this really soft texture to them, it makes this piece super easy to listen to. From the moment it begins you’re immersed into this pure rock n roll sound that Chucky Trading Co portrays and it works so well. The way everything flows so well against the smooth-textured vocals, creating a killer track overall. Now, if this is the type of music, you’re into, then be sure to check this track out,

Check out Chucky Trading Co over on Facebook and Instagram, make sure to stream ‘Honey Bee’ over on Spotify and YouTube.

Departure- Hipocampo

Hipocampo has released their single ‘Departure’ combining the sounds of electronic and chillout into this really mesmerising piece of music. Creating this really stand-out track all through the powerful essence of sound. Combining an array of different instruments and sound effects to create a really interesting to listen to piece of music. This track is definitely one of those you can get lost in very easily, putting it on and really listening to all the different sounds that flow throughout.

The track itself is a super impressive and memorable one, the way in which they create this track, that has such a calming essence that surrounds it. It’s one of those pieces, you have to listen to a few times, to really admire the work that was put into this track. Now, if this is the kind of music, you’re interested in, then definitely give this track a listen!

Check out Hipocampo over on Instagram, make sure to stream ‘Hipocampo’ over on Spotify.

eema noami- Evidence of the Spiral

Eeema Noami has released her collection ‘Evidence Of The Spiral’ with a total of ten-tracks, each infusing the sound of folk-rock and soft-rock through these mesmerising pieces. Eema herself has some very dreamy vocal aspects, with a rather smooth texture added to it. Keeping that pitch fairly mellow, but of course not being able to up it a little as the choruses ignite. A collection of pieces, portray these insane vocal aspects and this moving essence that is created with the instrumentation.

There are so many reasons for this album to stand out and there are definitely many hits on it. Songs like ‘Unshackling’ that has this really calming and stunning vocal aspect seeping through, then there’s ‘Fifth Dimensional Babies’ which has that soft pluck on the guitar strings, to begin with as the dulcet vocals begin to seep through. Each track, has its own reason to stand out and this collection is one to check out for sure!

Check out eema noami over on Instagram, make sure to stream ‘Evidence Of The Spiral’ over on Spotify and YouTube.

All these bands and artists were discovered via Musosoup which is a music promotion company. If you’d like the chance to be on the next ‘Round-up’ then be sure to submit your music.

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