Mia Mormino releases single ‘Building Blocks’

Mia Mormino is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Who has released her single ‘Building Blocks’ which infuses this dark-pop sound throughout. Creating a truly mesmerising piece of music, definitely a track that holds a lot of power and is quite a fiery piece in many ways. From the moment it begins, you’re immersed into this stunning sound that Mia herself portrays. Having this rather punchy melody that seeps through against the dreamy vocal aspects from Mia herself, piecing them together to create the enchanting sound behind this track.

It’s safe to say that this piece definitely has a lot of stand out elements, ones that make this track such a hit in itself. Whether that’s from the rather distinctive mellow vocals or the overall insane instrumentation, everything flows so well together. There is quite a lot of suspense that builds up in the background as the instrumentation has its chance to really come through in the best way. The overall sound that Mia herself portrays, really has this rather captivating essence surrounding it and it works in such a fantastic way.

A piece that is for sure one of those that many will want to keep listening to and one that many will find a love for. It’s certainly a track, that you have to listen too and completely get lost in. It’s a really memorable piece of music and one that really gives you a great taster of what Mia has to offer. From the brilliant vocal ranges from Mia to the superb instrumentation that collides. It’s such an easy to listen too track as it is not to in your face but it’s still got this rather upbeat essence to it.

From the get go, you’re instantly hooked on the sound from Mia herself, creating this really outstanding piece of music. One that you can’t help but want to have on repeat and really enjoy each aspect. This track is such a stand out piece and one that really lets the talent that Mia withholds come through in the best way.

‘Building Blocks’ is a track, you won’t forget, a really creative and impressive piece of music, that certainly deserves all the recognition it gets. Now, it’s definitely safe to say that this piece is a highlight and shows just how well she can pull a piece together. If this is your type of music, then be sure to give this track a listen, you won’t want to skip it. Can’t wait to see what Mia gets up to next!

Check out Mia Mormino’s track ‘Building Blocks’ over on Spotify.

Make sure to keep up to date with her over on Facebook and Instagram.

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